Workshop at Blue Ridge Chapter by Visiting Professor

Posted on: September 24th, 2015

unnamedSep. 16 and 17, Blue Ridge chapter held a two day workshop with up to 20 participants.  The first day the members heard an excellent lecture from Prof. ​Masayo ​Takenouchi about Rikka Shimputai and then tried our hand at arranging using many local materials including bamboo, forsythia and maple as well as some tropical flowers such as heliconia and protea along with other fall floral materials.

unnamed-2The 2nd day the workshop focussed on three different types of Futakabu-ike designs.  In the morning they had a lecture on Shoka Shofutai Futakabu-ike (​gyodo-ike and suiriku-ike)​.  Each unnamed-3participant chose which design they wanted to make and chose from either land or water materials.  They used equisetum and iris for the gyodo​-ike and either maple, camel​l​ia or forsythia with iris for the suiriku​​-ike​. The gyodo​-ike arrangement below is by our president, Beverly Barbour.  Prof. Takenouchi’s suiriku​-ike design is below as well using azalea branches and iris.

unnamed-5The afternoon session of this workshop was spent unnamed-4making futakbu​-ike Shoka Shimputai designs using combinations of anthurium, roses, aspidistra, dahlias, mums and all types of line material from maple to bamboo. The arrangement below is by Prof. Taknouchi using nandina, cosmos and bittersweet. The final arrangement is by Stephanie English and it uses anthurium, cotoneaster and roses.

For more report & photos, please check Blue Ridge chapter’s website.